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I will be at: The Big Tin Cotton Gin at the following dates:

  • October 21,22,23
  • November 18,19,20
  • January 20,21,22
  • febuary 17,18,19


I specializie in custom paint techniques on vintage wood furniture. I also enjoy working on some small home decor items. I'm always up for a challenge so if you have something that needs some t.l.c. give send me a message and we can make it amazing!

​     Twiggy's furniture was inspired by the influence of both my mother & grandmother.                                                          My grandma had an antique store filled with antique furniture & beautiful plants.                                      My ​mom has always had an artistic touch and was amazing at interior design.                           

      I think I must have gotten my love for antiques with a nature like design from them both. I love what I do & can only hope that my passion can turn into a lifetime profession. I enjoy refinishing furniture and home accents. I can take any old piece of wood furniture and turn it into something chic for your home or office.